Michigan District Structure | FIRST in Michigan

Michigan’s FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) program is divided into sixteen districts for targeted growth and team retention. This district structure helps leverage pockets of activism across current FRC and FLL teams. Each district has a leader that is responsible for organizing outreach to new schools as well as assisting veteran teams in need.

Modeled after high school varsity sports programs, each Michigan FRC team participates in two qualifying tournaments, called district events. Following the district events, the teams are ranked and the top 64 move on to a State Championship. In 2014, the top 32 teams from the State Championship qualify for the FRC World Championships held in St. Louis.

In 2014, there are fifteen district events located across Michigan. Events are placed in areas with the highest concentration of FRC teams, or in areas that need increased exposure to fuel growth. This allows teams to play close to home and gives families, schools, local government, businesses and media easy access to local FIRST Competitions.

As the number of FRC teams in Michigan increase, new events will be added. Eventually there will be one or more district events located within each district.